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Logic pro x latency on playback free. Manage Logic Pro input monitoring latency

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When recording audio or playing a software instrument in Logic Pro, you may experience a slight delay between playing or singing a note and. Re: Logic Pro X latency on one project?? Latency is mostly induced by plugins. If you have some projects that have more latency than others. Low latency mode works (messing up the mix while tracking), but it doesn’t solve the underlying problem. I’ve been running fairly heavy projects.

Logic pro x latency on playback free

Aug 05,  · Playback lag in Logic Pro X after recording in Low Latency Mode. I’ve always recorded in Low Latency Mode (LLM) to avoid monitoring latency while recording. However lately AFTER I record a track in LLM, I TURN OFF LLM and the track plays back with around ms of latency. This has never happened to me before in the 8 months I’ve been using. Aug 19,  · It has always been my assumption that when recording audio AND monitoring through the audio interface- regardless of what the total mixer latency was with however many plugins – Logic Pro would put the recorded audio in the right spot on the grid corresponding to when the events actually happened in relation to the playback. i.e., no sync issues – without . If you experience intermittent latency or playback issues in Logic, we must first determine if the latency is caused by the Apogee hardware, or if it’s a computer software issue. The best test to check that your Apogee hardware is working correctly is to directly monitor inputs in Apogee Maestro 2 (For Apogee USB devices) or in the Control app (for Apogee thunderbolt devices) .


Logic pro x latency on playback free. Manage Logic Pro input monitoring latency

Make a copy of the project and remove all the izotope stuff removing the plugin, not just turning it off and report back.


Still having playback latency with buffer – Logic Pro – Logic Pro Help.


Upload or insert images from URL. By mq93 , 11 hours ago in Logic Pro. By joshj , 1 hour ago in Logic Pro. By Ananna , 2 hours ago in Logic Pro.

Click here! Share More sharing options Followers 1. Go to solution Solved by nathanimal, May Reply to this topic Start new topic. Recommended Posts. Posted August 19, Link to comment Share on other sites More sharing options I never record with latency inducing plugins on the Master bus. This workflow never gave me any out of sync or playback issues.

I usually do the same as well. But what I am saying is that the software, knowing what the total latency of the audio chain is, should be able to make that adjustment automatically after recording i. With zero latency non-software monitoring, it shouldn’t matter how much latency is in the audio chain. Having to go through all those steps to alleviate this problem is inane, especially when you’re at a point in production where mixing has been mostly completed.

I should just be able to record a part into the software, with zero latency monitoring, and not have to worry about all of that, regardless of how much latency is in the audio chain. Pro Tools, and apparently Digital performer, don’t have any issues with this. So again, my question is, am I doing something wrong, or is Logic just deficient in this area? My apologies if I’m not communicating this problem clearly. I need to stress that I’m not talking about monitoring audio from the DAW software return.

Low latency mode is especially useful when you want to record a software instrument in a project that includes latency-inducing plug-ins. Information about products not manufactured by Apple, or independent websites not controlled or tested by Apple, is provided without recommendation or endorsement.

Apple assumes no responsibility with regard to the selection, performance, or use of third-party websites or products. Apple makes no representations regarding third-party website accuracy or reliability. Contact the vendor for additional information. Set the sample rate of your project Set the sample rate for your project when you first create it. Otherwise wouldn’t I not be able to hear those plugins it bypassed? The ones that show up in yellow when LLM is toggled. Aug 5, AM.

Aug 5, AM in response to jaydoob In response to jaydoob Plug-in-latency Compensation should be set to ALL only after you’ve finished recording, otherwise it should be set to Software and Instrument tracks. It used to be that Low Latency mode was only active during recording, even though the plugins show up yellow the low-latency function is not active. I’m on Logic 9 as I see no reason to upgrade so it may have changed and I could be wrong about that, I will need to check my system.

That’s quite alright! I really appreciate the tips about lookahead and plug-in latency compensation. They seem to have solved my problem. Aug 5, PM. Community Get Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: jaydoob jaydoob More Less. Reply I have this question too 46 I have this question too Me too 46 Me too.

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PatrickR Posted September 6, Posted September 6, Hi there, new to Logic and new to external gear — up until now I’ve done everything “in the box”.

I’m confused Link to comment Share on other sites More sharing options Dewdman42 Posted September 7, Posted September 7, I hope some others will respond, this is always confusing for me too.

Here are a few points I can think of I notice you have turned off software monitoring. Most likely that is interfering with some of the external inst plugin’s compensation timing. Just a guess. Try turning it back on and run your test without any manual midi delay compensations.

In general you want to use software monitoring OFF, only when you are actually playing midi parts.. In that case with it OFF, then you hear it directly from your audio interface as soon as possible before it even hits LPX.

With software monitoring on, then the sound from your Roland comes in through the external inst plugin and you get automatic latency compensation which should adjust things during playback to be timed where its supposed to be The way LPX works for audio and instrument tracks, it always looks at all the plugins on the track and calculates how much plugin latency there is, and then plays the regions on each track early by the right amount to compensate for the plugin latency, so the sound will be correctly on time.

If software monitoring is turned off, I don’t know what it would do, since the expectation in that case is not to bring it back to the channel at all. See what I mean? And I wouldn’t put it past LPX to treat it differently during playback vs recording. In other words, if you have software monitoring off, then while recording, it could be that LPX ignores the external latency thus playing the metronome early , but while playing back, it respects that latency and plays back the midi region early.

I don’t know, something like that. PatrickR Posted September 7, Hi Dewdman, thanks for your response! With no track delay, the recording is just about on time but audible delay on the MIDI track What I don’t understand is this: I assume LPX does some kind of latency compensation during recording i.

JakobP Posted September 7, Don’t know if this helps, but have you tried recording from a bus rather than directly from an input? I believe that when you record from an input, Logic is compensating for the output latency, you hear the music late, so it puts your recording a little bit early. Try creating an aux in your mixer, set the input to the roland and the output to a bus, then create an audio track with that bus as input and record. On my system the aux recording comes in later than the input one.

Logic Pro That is interesting. Posted September 7, edited. Edited September 7, by JakobP.

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