Milk Teeth Fillings & Root Canals​

Do Milk Teeth really require Treatment?

Yes. They do. This is what most of the parents think, “Milk teeth are going to fall off anyway. Dental cavitieswon’t really be there after these teeth fall off. Let’s just wait until the permanent teeth erupt and then be careful with those.”

Here is why you should take your child’s baby teeth seriously:
  • Milk teeth guide the eruption of permanent teeth. If they fall out prematurely because of decay, permanent teeth could erupt in the wrong place.
  • Baby teeth allow for good nutrition by facilitating proper chewing.
  • Every child after the age of 5 becomes conscious of his/her smile. Decayed or discoloured teeth may make them shy.
  • Proper speech development needs milk teeth to be present.
  • Decayed milk teeth could affect the development of permanent teeth. These may also cause cavities to form in the permanent teeth.
  • Failure to treat cavities could put your child in great pain and possibly lead to the formation of an abscess.

When does a milk tooth need root canal?

When a milk tooth has a very deep cavity that affects part of the nerve, it will most likely need nerve treatment most commonly referred to as a baby root canal. This procedure involves removing part of the affected nerve and placing a medicated material over it. The tooth is then covered with a crown (“cap”) which is a more long-lasting restoration for the tooth.

Are baby root canals necessary for children or should they be avoided?

If a tooth can be effectively treated and saved with a baby root canal, then this is the most advisable treatment to choose. Despite being “just a baby tooth that will eventually fall out,” the tooth is necessary to hold the space for the permanent tooth that is developing below it. If left untreated, the infection may also spread downwards and affect the developing permanent tooth. In addition, it may cause pain, affect your child’s eating habits, concentration in school and possibly cause a bad infection that may require antibiotics or hospitalization


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