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› questions › visual-studiohas-stopped-working-. Go to Tools -> Import and Export settings and choose “Reset all settings” option to reset the environment settings. I see new settings file.

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Microsoft visual studio professional 2012 has stopped working free


Colin Pear Colin Pear 2, 1 1 gold badge 27 27 silver badges 33 33 bronze badges. Life saver! I’ve got an iMac running windows on Virtual Box, my keyboard has numeric pad I think I would never find the correct button, thank you! Yeh, Life saver! Don’t forget to unlock the number pad ;. NumLock should be on! Question clearly states that the person was working on a Mac This was what I was looking for!

This tip saved my life. Was going nuts. Thank you! MichaC MichaC 2, 2 2 gold badges 19 19 silver badges 20 20 bronze badges. I can also add that this trick works when running Citrix Viewer on a Mac! James Bedford James Bedford Thanks – that was the key for me. I was using a keyboard with no “insert” key through remote desktop to another computer and somehow triggered the insert key. Once that’s open you can click the “Insert” key on it.

It appears my keyboard special keys stopped working had to reboot it as it is a mechanical with internal drive and programming. My VS Enterprise , up to date on version, is not allowing me to use the bottom right ‘over’ label as a toggle. This has been enabled in ASP. NET 4. In a previous release, this feature was named Service Capabilities.

We changed the name to Connected Services. The Connected Services feature makes it easier to connect your app to services. Double-clicking this node will open a new full page tab in Visual Studio where you can discover popular Microsoft services you can connect to. Selecting a service on the Connected Services page Figure 12 will invoke the Connected Services Wizard that configures your project, and downloads the necessary NuGet packages to get you started coding against your service quickly and painlessly.

Visual Studio makes it easy to acquire additional workloads and components without leaving the IDE Figure If you can’t find the templates you’re looking for, the Visual Studio Installer can also be opened from within the New Project dialog Figure Thank you for reporting bugs! We’ve fixed over bugs and reported issues in the compiler and tools, many submitted by customers through Microsoft Connect.

In this release, we worked on performance improvement of the STL. The new SQLite-based database engine is now being used by default. This will speed up database operations like Go To Definition and Find All References, and will significantly improve initial solution parse time.

We have added selectable components that enable you to install just the tools that you need. CMake support in Visual Studio is ready for primetime! Load your CMake projects directly into Visual Studio and start coding now.

Navigate To is now known as Go To, an umbrella term for a set of new navigation filters. This will make it easier to find the right results, especially in larger code bases. Simply enable the checkers in the Code Analysis Extensions dialog in the project’s property pages Figure 15 and the extensions will be included when you run code analysis.

This release brings several improvements in optimization and code generation. Some notable improvements include:. When a solution configuration is activated for the first time it will now be faster and all subsequent activations of this solution configuration will be almost instantaneous.

We improved IntelliSense performance on projects and files not using precompiled headers — an Automatic Precompiled Header will be created for headers in the current file.

Added a new experimental Predictive IntelliSense feature that provides contextually-aware filtering of what appears in the Member List. The Dot-to-Arrow IntelliSense feature has been moved from experimental to advanced, and is now enabled by default. The editor features Expand Scopes and Expand Precedence have also been moved from experimental to advanced. The experimental refactoring features Change Signature and Extract Function are now available by default. Improvements to the Open Folder experience.

Customize the experience through these json files:. Along with this, we’ve added a new dropdown to allow users to easily switch between configurations provided by CMake and CppProperties. Further configuration is supported through a CMakeSettings. Please note that the indicated installation sizes for the components listed in the installer UI are not accurate and underestimate the total size.

If the necessary tools are not installed, projects will not be created successfully and the wizard will hang. It also includes several important bug fixes, both in the front-end and the back-end of the compiler. Visual Studio provides lots of refactorings to help you be productive and make your code more readable.

Here are just a few:. Building on Visual Studio’s support for EditorConfig , we worked with the community to add. NET code style settings to the file format. This means that you can configure your team’s code style conventions, check them into source control, and have violations appear live in the editor as developers are typing. You can see all the code style options in the Roslyn repo’s.

We also added and updated style analyzers to help you customize and enforce coding conventions on your team, including:. Note: several of these code style rules are configured as Suggestions in the editor by default Figure This release also introduces improvements to IntelliSense that will make you more productive when working in a large solution or an unfamiliar codebase. We have added an icon tray to IntelliSense that enables you to filter the member list by type e.

Each filter toggle has an associated keyboard shortcut which you can discover by hovering over the icon. We would like to thank the entire F community for dogfooding builds of F tooling in Visual Studio , filing bugs, driving discussions, and implementing bug fixes and features. The success of F in Visual Studio truly would not have been possible without the F community. Please see the full list of contributors. TypeScript 2. To read more about the release, check out the release blog post or the full change log.

A new JavaScript language service Figure 25 is available and enabled by default. Improving performance was one of the greatest focuses of this release. You will see lower memory consumption from the Visual Studio process and less out of memory crashes when working with huge JavaScript projects.

Simply click the icon next to a line of code while debugging to run to that line Figure No longer set temporary breakpoints or perform several steps to execute your code and stop on the line you want. Now while stopped at a break state under the debugger, the Run to Click icon subtly appears next to the line of code that your mouse is hovered over. Move your mouse to the icon and click the button, now your code will run and stop on that line the next time it is hit in your code path. Easily search in the Attach to Process dialog Figure 27 to quickly find the process you want to attach the debugger to.

The list of running processes will be filtered to items matching your search. The search filter is sticky and will remember your previous search when you reopen the dialog.

You can now quickly reattach to processes you were previously debugging. The debugger will reattach to processes by first attempting to match the previous process ID and then by matching to the previous process name. If no matches are found or there are multiple processes found with the same name, then the “Attach to Process” dialog will appear so you can select the intended process.

Use the new Exception Helper Figure 28 to view your exception information at a glance in a compact non-modal dialog with instant access to inner exceptions. While diagnosing your NullReferenceException, you can now quickly see what was null from right inside the Exception Helper. You can now exclude breaking on exception types thrown from specific modules by clicking the checkbox to add a condition while stopped at the thrown exception.

Read this blog post for more detailed information on the new benefits of the Exception Helper. When you configure the debugger to break on thrown exceptions, you can add conditions so that the debugger will only break when exceptions are thrown in specified modules Figure You can now more effectively use several of the Debugger windows Call Stack, Locals, Autos, Watch, and Quickwatch with screen readers and for other accessibility needs. NET Core apps. These will appear in the Events tab in the Diagnostic Tools Window.

When you start a debugging session, you will see a new Summary view Figure 30 of your application in the Diagnostic Tools Window.

From here, you will be able to:. The Performance Profiler can now attach to a running process. When you start debugging ASP. Live Unit Testing Figure 33 is a capability in the Visual Studio Enterprise edition that displays unit test results and code coverage live in the editor.

NET Framework. See the Live Unit Testing blog for more details. You can now associate automation with test case work items Figure 34 by selecting a test method in the Test Explorer. This new experience also allows you to view any existing associations for the chosen test method. In previous versions of Visual Studio, this could be done using the work item form. The work-item form based experience can be enabled by turning on the compatibility mode using Tools Options Figure We’ve added new Git features to Visual Studio that allow you to do more of your end-to-end workflow without leaving the IDE.

You can easily view the diff for outgoing commits, perform a force push to complete a rebase or push an amended commit, unset your upstream branch, and continue a patch rebase from Visual Studio.

This is getting tiring. Why should people bother, when you pay lip service to feedback. As others have said — the support staff always seem to ask that you go to the nth degree to reproduce problems for them, even when they can be seen sometimes via a simple hello world level app, compiling with default or standard settings.

Surely as developers, your staff must know the importance of exactness in bug reporting and responses. Talk to Nick, John, Mads. People are furious — not with the technical bug reporting tools, but the Microsoft staff and process — which is anything but transparent.

Most of the issues come with large solutions, 20 projects in multiple technologies, a number of refactorings and git merges pull, pushes and branch merges. Also, Solutions that go from version to version of VS and upgrades of nuget packages. Upgrades may corrupt. Many issues temporarily go away after restarting VS or deleting. VS should improve the telemetry.

Also, the button to report an issue should be able to upload a VS dump. Please, focus on fixing issues and improving the VS telemetry to capture the required information that you will need to investigate the problem automatically.

Also, create a few large solutions with a number of dependencies, technologies and nuget packages to use during testing. Continue upgrading those large solutions to the latest versions to surface upgrading issues. A lot of new features of dubious usefulness, while every 2 hours of work we have to close and reopen visual studio because it eat up 4 Gb of RAM and more, and slows down until it becomes unusable.

Totally agree!!! VS is becoming more and more like a product from early 90s. I have exactly the same question. The amount of bugs in VS is ridiculous and nobody cares, but the new stuff that really nobody wanted keep coming out.

Now … the same thing. Hi Ferdinando, Thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback! We currently only have snippets support in the Razor editor for C but feel free to file an issue so we can prioritize this on our backlog! You continue to make efforts to make us abandon your tools! Not everyone wants clouds either. WebException: The operation has timed out. This update appears to have broken the installer or there are so many people downloading that the servers are flooded.

If the servers are flooded is because everyone is hoping that they have fixed some of the bugs that they had. In the Visual Studio See the last paragraph in the post here on the updates for The same problem. These guys forced down own throats their magical online installers, now VS is corrupted in the middle of the upgrade so I cannot undo it or reinstall, because everything is online now.

So far, I have wasted more than 10 hours trying to reinstall Visual Studio. It seems that Microsoft secretly blocks VPN connections and connections from anywhere except the edge browser. Disconnecting VPN and using a link from edge does not actually work however, it postpones the point at which the installation hangs to the Visual Studio Installer screen where one would select what workloads to download.

Imagine what humanity could achieve, if we did not have to deal with this. Where is Microsoft Control Quality??? PS : i tried to launch the set up with —noUpdateInstaller but the option does not works!!!! Hope as soon as possible fix. Visual Studio Visual Studio cannot start. What am I supposed to do? You created these wonderful online installers, now fix them! Are you guys actually testing anything before release? Below is the response from download. So we don t have this feedback. What happened to the new search?

The new search experience is currently only in preview channels. You can download Visual Studio Preview here. Thank you for all the hard work and nice improvements! I have been eagerly waiting for Please consider adding the Intel Fortran installer to your QA testing maybe?

The Visual Studio installer does not work. When I try to use the bootstrapper, it does not work either. Beginning file download. Apologies Jozef — we are aware and working to mitigate the issue see feedback ticket linked at the header of this post now.

Something seems to be broken with the installer — it hangs for over one hour by now; tried it earlier two on a business laptop, same issue but then I thought it might be some corporate firewall misconfiguration. Then it was part of the Then Not to mention that VS for Mac is so far behind it would not even make sense to use it. There is work contributing towards Web Forms a depricated technology while the new big pushed tech is already not getting enough attention.

Forms but as it is right now it already looks like a even bigger mess. Bad tooling support will just be another thing on the endless list of bugs and issues with it. Not related to the VS update it self, but to this website. Can you fix the unclickable small scrollbar on the right side of this page? Finally there is an option to create projects without top level statements.

Took only about half a year to give a choice, yikes. PS: The website in regards to comments is as broken as ever. If you are not logged in and select the second page, most of the comments vanish…. Peek Difference is not showing as an option after updating to Do I need to enable a setting?

How do I downgrade my VS? Only this got me it working. I’m currently using VS In some recent release of VS perhaps However, I observed that this was only failing in one of my open Visual Studio instances, so I tried the simple “close VS and open it again”, enabled the new “Find in files” functionality, and it started working.

The following worked for me. The resizing of Visual Studio made it to hide the option. This was one of my biggest problems with Visual Studio. For me Windows 10, Visual Studio the find in all files window got locked with a white-out, and guess what, hitting print screen solves it. This has begun occurring for me with the update to Version None of the above steps worked. There is no error. Just what appears to be a ‘stuck’ search. Uninstalling this did not resolve the issue and does not seems to be the cause.

It seems to be related to Version I completely uninstalled Visual Studio and reinstalled Version Whatever caused the problem does resolve after uninstalling and installing. I’m having a similar situation with Visual Studio Community and now patched up to In my case it doesn’t show any results, it just searches forever without ever finding anything.

My solution was to undock the “Find and Replace” dialog and move it to anywhere in a floating position. After undocking it seems to work fine, even after docking it again back to it’s original position. Stack Overflow for Teams — Start collaborating and sharing organizational knowledge.

Create a free Team Why Teams? Learn more about Teams. Search stops working for “Entire Solution” Ask Question. Asked 13 years, 2 months ago.

Modified 1 month ago. Viewed 92k times. Why does it suddenly say “No files were found to look in”? Improve this question. Peter Mortensen Issue still present in Visual Studio Also happens in VS Solution works there too. Issue still present in Visual Studio — Jamie Cook.

It seems Visual Studio’s search feature is generally quite buggy version too. I’ve been working with it extensively in the past months, and apart from its inherent slowness a turtle compared to Sublime , it often freezes or jams the entire Visual Studio instance.

The quite advanced Regex feature is especially buggy, which is even more frustrating considering how awfully useful it is.

Couldn’t find a decent solution or perhaps vs extension for this – would be happy to be notified of any. Or will this be improved in version ? I can still see this issue in VS — Spongebob Comrade. Show 4 more comments. Sorted by: Reset to default. Highest score default Trending recent votes count more Date modified newest first Date created oldest first.

Improve this answer. Community Bot 1 1 1 silver badge. Voodoo like this should go into the undocumented features section ;- — Onots. This was on VS Is there a way to bring it back to state where it says, “find was stopped in progress.

I was sceptical. I mean really sceptical. So, I tried it.


Microsoft visual studio professional 2012 has stopped working free


Still want an older version? Visual Studio and other Products. Web Installer. Visual Studio and Other Products. Isolated and Integrated Shells. Other Tools, Frameworks, and Redistributables. ARM x64 x Visual Studio Tools for Office Runtime. But resetting environmnet setting did the job.

I did not resolved the issue. I had same problem and i also tried all above solutions but unable to fix it, even i re-install and repair Visual Studio. After hours finally I got solution. It will fix your problem. I faced same problem after I upgraded from windows 8 to windows 8. I came across this type of error last week working on VS, the solution for me is to start the Visual Studio installation and select ‘Repair’.

Turns out my “Application Pool” e. NET v4. I had same problem and I tried all above solutions but none one them worked for me. I chose one of them and after restart, Visual Studio back to normal. If all above answers doesn’t solved the problem. Logout your microsoft ID still without internet and then plug the internet again and try to open the VS. The answer by Georgi is correct. Do the following steps:. Credits to Hafid Selougha.

I have encountered this issue Visual Studio for Windows Desktop has stopped working. I reset all environment settings using visual studio. Stack Overflow for Teams — Start collaborating and sharing organizational knowledge. Create a free Team Why Teams? Learn more about Collectives. Learn more about Teams. Asked 9 years, 2 months ago. Modified 4 years, 4 months ago.

Viewed 44k times. When I open Visual Studio everything is fine, but when I open any solution, it comes up with an error: Visual Studio for Windows Desktop has stopped working. Improve this question. Have you tried to roll back the windows updates that were installed? Given the timing of the updates and the reoccurrence of the problem, this sounds like it might be a general issue related to the update and windows, and not necessarily an issue with Visual Studio.

Microsoft is unable to provide support or fixes for issues arising from using Visual Studio on an unsupported operating system. For feedback on supported configurations, see Developer Community. X64 Visual Studio is not supported on ARM operating systems, so performance may not meet expectations.

Arm64 Visual Studio version For example, Microsoft App-V for Windows or third-party app virtualization technologies. Running Visual Studio in a virtual machine environment requires a full Windows operating system.

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