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These features contribute to higher and unprecedented standards of convenience, efficiency, versatility and productivity for structural design. Tags: midas gen ,midas gen download,midas gen free,descargar midas gen ,midas gen full,midas gen ,midas gen download,midas gen free download full version. They offer excellent facilities and productivity for the modeling and analysis of complex, large-scale structures. Intuitive Modeling midas Gen enables us to readily create nodes and elements as if we were drawing drawings using the majority of functions used in CAD programs.

Structures of regular patterns such as Truss, Arch and Frame can be readily created by Structure Wizard and inserted into the desired location on the global model. In: fundinguniverse.

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Electronic Commerce, etc. Trump received 14,, total votes in the primary. Trump, Cruz, Rubio and Kasich each won at least one primary, with Trump receiving the highest number of votes and Ted Cruz receiving the second highest.

Trump turned his attention towards selecting a running mate after he became the presumptive nominee on May 4, In July , it was reported that Trump had narrowed his list of possible running mates down to three: Christie, Gingrich, and Pence. On July 14, , several major media outlets reported that Trump had selected Pence as his running mate. Trump confirmed these reports in a message Twitter on July 15, , and formally made the announcement the following day in New York.

Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton , who also served in the U. Senate and was the First Lady of the United States , became the first Democrat in the field to formally launch a major candidacy for the presidency with an announcement on April 12, , via a video message.

On October 20, , Webb announced his withdrawal from the primaries, and explored a potential Independent run. On February 1, , in an extremely close contest, Clinton won the Iowa caucuses by a margin of 0. After winning no delegates in Iowa, O’Malley withdrew from the presidential race that day. On March 8, despite never having a lead in the Michigan primary , Sanders won by a small margin of 1.

Over the course of May, Sanders accomplished another surprise win in the Indiana primary [] and also won in West Virginia and Oregon , while Clinton won the Guam caucus and Kentucky primary and also non-binding primaries in Nebraska and Washington.

On June 6, , the Associated Press and NBC News reported that Clinton had become the presumptive nominee after reaching the required number of delegates, including pledged delegates and superdelegates , to secure the nomination, becoming the first woman to ever clinch the presidential nomination of a major U. Clinton also won the final primary in the District of Columbia on June Although Sanders had not formally dropped out of the race, he announced on June 16, , that his main goal in the coming months would be to work with Clinton to defeat Trump in the general election.

The following candidates were frequently interviewed by major broadcast networks and cable news channels or were listed in publicly published national polls.

Lessig was invited to one forum, but withdrew when rules were changed which prevented him from participating in officially sanctioned debates. In April , the Clinton campaign began to compile a list of 15 to 20 individuals to vet for the position of running mate, even though Sanders continued to challenge Clinton in the Democratic primaries. Third party and independent candidates who have obtained more than , votes nationally or on Ballot in at least 15 states are listed separately.

Ballot access to electoral votes with write-in : [] map. Ballot access to electoral votes with write-in : [] [] map. Ballot access to 84 electoral votes with write-in : [] map.

In some states, Evan McMullin’s running mate was listed as Nathan Johnson on the ballot rather than Mindy Finn, although Nathan Johnson was intended to only be a placeholder until an actual running mate was chosen. Peace and Freedom [] Liberty Union Party []. Hillary Clinton focused her candidacy on several themes, including raising middle class incomes, expanding women’s rights, instituting campaign finance reform, and improving the Affordable Care Act.

In March , she laid out a detailed economic plan basing her economic philosophy on inclusive capitalism , which proposed a “clawback” that rescinds tax cuts and other benefits for companies that move jobs overseas; with provision of incentives for companies that share profits with employees, communities and the environment, rather than focusing on short-term profits to increase stock value and rewarding shareholders; as well as increasing collective bargaining rights; and placing an “exit tax” on companies that move their headquarters out of the U.

Donald Trump’s campaign drew heavily on his personal image, enhanced by his previous media exposure. The red baseball cap with the slogan emblazoned on the front became a symbol of the campaign and has been frequently donned by Trump and his supporters. Moreover, he has insisted that Washington is “broken” and can be fixed only by an outsider. Clinton had an uneasy—and, at times, adversarial—relationship with the press throughout her life in public service.

In contrast, Trump benefited from free media more than any other candidate. Both Clinton and Trump were seen unfavorably by the general public, and their controversial reputations set the tone of the campaign. Clinton’s practice during her time as Secretary of State of using a private email address and server , in lieu of State Department servers, gained widespread public attention back in March Also, on September 9, , Clinton said: “You know, just to be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables.

They’re racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic—you name it. The episode drew renewed public attention to questions about Clinton’s health. On the other side, on October 7, , video and accompanying audio were released by The Washington Post in which Trump referred obscenely to women in a conversation with Billy Bush while they were preparing to film an episode of Access Hollywood.

In the recording, Trump described his attempts to initiate a sexual relationship with a married woman and added that women would allow male celebrities to grope their genitalia Trump used the phrase “grab ’em by the pussy”.

The audio was met with a reaction of disbelief and disgust from the media. By October 8, several dozen Republicans had called for Trump to withdraw from the campaign and let Pence and Condoleezza Rice head the ticket.

Donald Trump also delivered strong and controversial statements towards Muslims and Islam on the campaign trail, saying, “I think Islam hates us. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.

However, many of his supporters shared their support for his proposed travel ban , despite the backlash. Throughout the campaign, Trump indicated in interviews, speeches, and Twitter posts that he would refuse to recognize the outcome of the election if he was defeated. The ongoing controversy of the election made third parties attract voters’ attention. Johnson responded, “And what is Aleppo? On the other hand, Green Party candidate Jill Stein said the Democratic and Republican parties are “two corporate parties” that have converged into one.

Putting another Clinton in the White House will fan the flames of this right-wing extremism. In response to Johnson’s growing poll numbers, the Clinton campaign and Democratic allies increased their criticism of Johnson in September , warning that “a vote for a third party is a vote for Donald Trump” and deploying Senator Bernie Sanders Clinton’s former primary rival, who supported her in the general election to win over voters who might be considering voting for Johnson or for Stein.

The following table is an overview of the money used in the campaign as it is reported to Federal Election Commission FEC and released in September As of September [update] , ten candidates with ballot access have filed financial reports with the FEC. The presidential election was the first in 50 years without all the protections of the original Voting Rights Act.

The Atlantic , which has been in circulation since , gave Clinton its third-ever endorsement after Abraham Lincoln and Lyndon Johnson. Trump, who frequently criticized the mainstream media , was not endorsed by the vast majority of newspapers. Gary Johnson received endorsements from several major daily newspapers, including the Chicago Tribune , [] and the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation agreed. Clapper in early January testified before a Senate committee that Russia’s meddling in the presidential campaign went beyond hacking, and included disinformation and the dissemination of fake news , often promoted on social media. President-elect Trump originally called the report fabricated. Several U. A formal Special Counsel investigation headed by former FBI director Robert Mueller was initiated in May to uncover the detailed interference operations by Russia, and to determine whether any people associated with the Trump campaign were complicit in the Russian efforts.

On March 24, , Barr submitted a letter describing Mueller’s conclusions, [] [] and on April 18, , a redacted version of the Mueller Report was released to the public. It concluded that Russian interference in the presidential election did occur “in sweeping and systematic fashion” and “violated U. The first method detailed in the final report was the usage of the Internet Research Agency , waging “a social media campaign that favored presidential candidate Donald J.

Trump and disparaged presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. The Mueller Report writes that the investigation “identified numerous links between the Russian government and the Trump campaign”, found that Russia “perceived it would benefit from a Trump presidency” and that the Trump presidential campaign “expected it would benefit electorally” from Russian hacking efforts. Ultimately, “the investigation did not establish that members of the Trump campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities.

However, investigators had an incomplete picture of what had really occurred during the campaign, due to some associates of Trump campaign providing either false, incomplete or declined testimony, as well as having deleted, unsaved or encrypted communications. As such, the Mueller Report “cannot rule out the possibility” that information then unavailable to investigators would have presented different findings.

In December , a Ukrainian court ruled that prosecutors in Ukraine had meddled in the election by releasing damaging information on Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort.

Voice of America reported in April that “U. However, according to the HuffPost , the Biden administration was seen continuing diplomatic relations with the United Arab Emirates and that the United Arab Emirates “has fared better under President Joe Biden than might have been expected” considering Biden’s emphasis and criticism of poor human rights records and governments that meddle in US politics.

The Commission on Presidential Debates CPD , a non-profit organization, hosted debates between qualifying presidential and vice-presidential candidates. According to the commission’s website, to be eligible to opt to participate in the anticipated debates, “in addition to being Constitutionally eligible, candidates must appear on a sufficient number of state ballots to have a mathematical chance of winning a majority vote in the Electoral College, and have a level of support of at least 15 percent of the national electorate as determined by five selected national public opinion polling organizations, using the average of those organizations’ most recently publicly-reported results at the time of the determination.

Louis , University of Nevada, Las Vegas chosen to host the presidential debates, and the one location Longwood University selected to host the vice presidential debate, were announced on September 23, The site of the first debate was originally designated as Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio ; however, due to rising costs and security concerns, the debate was moved to Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York.

On August 19, Kellyanne Conway , Trump’s campaign manager confirmed that Trump would participate in a series of three debates. The news media and election experts were surprised at Trump’s winning the Electoral College. On the eve of the vote, spread betting firm Spreadex had Clinton at an Electoral College spread of — against Trump’s — Even Wisconsin , Pennsylvania , and Michigan , states that had been predicted to vote Democratic, were won by Trump.

Math, calculations, candidate dislike causing voter abstention begat the numbers. Obama’s political director David Simas called Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook to persuade Clinton to concede the election, with no success.

Obama then called Clinton directly, citing the importance of continuity of government, to ask her to publicly acknowledge that Trump had won. After networks called Pennsylvania for Trump, putting him with electoral votes while he had a five-point lead in Arizona, which gives eleven electoral votes that would put Trump above the majority of , Clinton realized she had no chance to win the election and called Trump early Wednesday morning to concede defeat.

On Wednesday morning at a. Eastern Time ET , it was reported that Trump had secured Wisconsin’s 10 electoral votes, giving him a majority of the electors in the Electoral College , enough to make him the president-elect of the United States , [] and at a. Trump gave his victory speech. Later that day, Clinton asked her supporters to accept the result and hoped that Trump would be “a successful president for all Americans.

Six states plus a portion of Maine that Obama won in switched to Trump Electoral College votes in parentheses : Florida 29 , Pennsylvania 20 , Ohio 18 , Michigan 16 , Wisconsin 10 , Iowa 6 , and Maine’s second congressional district 1. Initially, Trump won exactly more Electoral College votes than Mitt Romney had in , with two lost to faithless electors in the final tally. Thirty-nine states swung more Republican compared to the previous presidential election, while eleven states and the District of Columbia swung more Democratic.

Examining overall turnout in the election , University of Florida Prof. Michael McDonald estimated that Considering a VAP of A FEC report of the election recorded an official total of Data scientist Hamdan Azhar noted the paradoxes of the outcome, saying that “chief among them [was] the discrepancy between the popular vote, which Hillary Clinton won by 2.

Hamdan also said Trump was “the highest vote earner of any Republican candidate ever,” exceeding George W. Bush ‘s He concluded, with help from The Cook Political Report , that the election hinged not on Clinton’s large 2. This is the first and only election since in which the Republican nominee won the states Michigan and Pennsylvania, and the first since in which they won Wisconsin.



Midas gen 2015 free. Introduction of Midas Gen 2015


Auto-mesh planar area Map-mesh 4-nodes area Automatic consideration of interior openings and connectivity between slab and wall members. Load combination based on the various design codes Load group generation of load case from load combinations. Readily specify uniformly distributed dead and live loads on specific areas of a floor Automatically distributed and applied to the individual beams, girders and columns. Point Spring Support Linear, Comp. Time history forcing functions for walking loads for floor vibration.

Spread sheets provided for all analysis and design results Powerful filtering in conjunction with various selection functions Various sorting methods Various editing function Add, Modify, Group Copy, Replace, Search, etc.

Optimal Design Feature The optimal design feature of midas Gen optimizes the member sections, which determines the section dimensions automatically for the minimum sectional area minimum weights satisfying the specified design standard through verifying strength ratio or stress ratio in iterative analysis. Special provision for ductile primary seismic walls is considered. Detailing for local ductility is considered.

Slab and wall design for meshed plate elements as per Eurocode, ACI Slab design for non-orthogonal reinforcement directions based on the Wood-Armer formula Smooth moment and shear forces Automatic generation of Static wind and seismic loads for flexible floors Detailing for local ductility. Generation of Moment-Curvature curve. Interface with midas Gen Seamlessly integrated with FE analysis software midas Gen 3D structural analysis software for building and general structures 3.

Switch the working window between member list, drawing, Quantity. Report Generate MS word and excel format report. Workbar Click a desired member from Tree menu. Detail calculation reports for structural engineers Summary report with input data for checking Customization of the Word format report by the user. Auto Reinforcement Drawing in DWG format Beyond component design tools, midas Design provide high efcient productivity with powerful auto drafting.

Airports Incheon Intl. URS Corp. Airport Co. Ltd US Army. Open navigation menu. Close suggestions Search Search.

User Settings. Skip carousel. Carousel Previous. Carousel Next. What is Scribd? Explore Ebooks. Bestsellers Editors’ Picks All Ebooks. Explore Audiobooks. Bestsellers Editors’ Picks All audiobooks. Explore Magazines. Editors’ Picks All magazines. Explore Podcasts All podcasts. Difficulty Beginner Intermediate Advanced. Explore Documents. Introduction of Midas Gen Uploaded by leonil7. Did you find this document useful? Is this content inappropriate? Report this Document. Description: Mides Gen Information.

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Group of Gyan Ganga. Isometric drawing Pdf. Work Request Upload Work Request. Crafted with by N. Inner:case Owl. Outer:return this.


MIDAS/Gen – Download


Using this software, architects and students are able to design and analyze various parts of structures such as skeletons, columns, etc. A key feature of the software midas Gen: – interface graphics for user-friendly – intuitive modeling – a tool Mac is designed for quick truss, arch, frame, etc. Finite Element – Postprocessing to construct load components in accordance with standards – Automatic design of parts such as walls, slabs, etc.

Release new release report. In the Setup Type step, select the Standalone or Lan client option. Reset the system. Notice that the implementation may be background and you will not see the process. Run the software and click on the lock icon in the upper right corner of the software window to open the Register Protection License window. Select Hardware Lock and enter in the Key Number field. You can also find the installation location in this way: – In Windows XP: After installation, right-click on the shortcut in the Start menu and click Properties, and then click Find Target.

Download Crash Report Guide. Size : Download Crack Alone. Discuss this post. File password. Tags CAD. Labels: CAD. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. They offer excellent facilities and productivity forthe modeling and analysis of complex, large-scale structures.

Intuitive Modeling midas Gen enables us to readily create nodes and elements as if wewere drawing drawings using the majority of functions used in CADprograms. Structures of regular patterns such as Truss, Arch andFrame can be readily created by Structure Wizard and inserted intothe desired location on the global model.

Complete Analysis Options midas Gen provides linear and nonlinear structural analysiscapabilities. A large collection of finite elements has beenimplemented for applications in civil and building structures. Powerful Post-Processor The post-processor can automatically create load combinations inaccordance with specified design standards. Changing the type ofdisplay can produce various forms of graphic output.

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