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Marketing cookies Cookies used for marketing and advertising purposes. Did the salesperson help you make a choice basis your internet needs? Did you confuse 5ghz wifi with 5G mobile networks? Before we dive into understanding what 5ghz routers are, it is best first to know the background of the topic in discussion. Essentially, wireless routers wifi routers use radio frequencies to transmit the internet to your devices smartphones, laptops, tablets, or others that are connected to your Wifi.

This transmission primarily happens in two 2 bands, i. More than often, people mistakingly relate 5ghz with the 5g mobile network. So, now that we are clear that 5ghz has nothing to do with the 5g network let us kickstart this exciting and hot topic about wireless routers. If a user has an For example, if your household or office required a better range , then 2. In case you want a high-performing wifi connection , then 5ghz would be your best bet.

For now, let us look at the benefits provided by 5ghz wifi. We will tell you why! While 2. Also, for Gigabit speed broadband connections, users would need 5ghz routers indeed.

The 2ghz router is a standard radio frequency band used by most wireless router users. And, as the usage of 5ghz devices is not as communal as that of the former, 5ghz wifi router users experience fewer network congestions. We will understand more pros and cons of 2. Though 5ghz bands have faster speeds than 2. By design, 5ghz wifi cannot cover as much distance as 2. Additionally, 5ghz routers with shorter though strong internet waves are usually hard at penetrating walls and solid objects.

However, if you are using the internet within a small range, then you are assured of high internet speeds. This means that you can enjoy buffer-free video streaming via all your connected devices. Honestly, paying for 5ghz wifi will be of no use if you do not have a wifi adapter capable of transmitting 5ghz radio frequencies. To check if your device has a 5ghz wifi adapter or not, go ahead and check your WLAN capabilities.

By doing so, you will get to know if it supports As you might have read, various key differences between 2. Before you jump to making decisions based on the conclusions drawn by the above facts, it is essential to consider the below three factors concerning your unique internet needs. If you have a large home or office space, then you will likely require greater coverage. The 2. On the other hand, for internet usage in smaller apartments.

The 5ghz wifi will be a better option to help fight inferences that slow down your wifi connection, provided your connected devices are in close proximity to the router. On the other hand, 5ghz wifi is ideal for high-bandwidth activities like gaming or streaming HD TV. To enable the 5ghz band on your laptop, you first need to check if your system supports 5ghz wifi at all!

The best way to find it is to go and open the Control Panel and search for the same in your Windows Search Box. If your adapter supports In most cases, Once you have figured out whether your device supports 5ghz wifi or not, you can then connect to the wireless network like you would have connected to any other network before.

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Windows 10 5ghz wifi free


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